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At Print Innovator we have noticed something. With so much focus on email and digital marketing campaigns what was once considered traditional is now non-traditional. Printed newsletters are rare these days, which is precisely why some smart marketers are using them to grab attention and engage an audience. Printed Newsletters are new again.

With everyone focusing on social media, email marketing, and blogs to develop an audience and cultivate leads, few businesses these days are sending out newsletters through the mail.

If you want something “new”, printed newsletters will definitely get noticed. Not only that the printed word is perceived as very credible.

If you prepare printed newsletters that are of great value to your clients with engaging content it will increase customer retention. So, if you need to direct your efforts to customer retention (as many businesses do), then a newsletter sent through the mail, personally addressed can work wonders. Printed newsletters a great way to nurture your customers after they’ve made a purchase, by making them feel as though they belong to a special club… complete with its own special newsletter.

Printed newsletters are also another great way to get your brand in front of your customer and the more often the better. Frequency of once a month or at the most every eight weeks keeps customers aware without being a pest. Why help to clutter up your client’s email inboxes adding your digital newsletter to their hundreds of emails every day. The ease of ignoring email newsletters is another reason why a printed newsletter stands out.

Printed newsletters are portable making them easy to take to a room where recipients can settle in and read their mail.  They have more influence and a higher response rate.We print, and mail printed newsletters and offer newsletters printing and mailing services for all kinds of companies in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. In fact, all of Australia. And we deliver your printed newsletters for free!


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