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Event Tickets

Printed Event Tickets come in many sizes and can be printed on various stocks. The common theme is they need to be durable, legible and fit for use for all occasions.

However, we would like to help you get the most out of you Printed Event Tickets. Most marketers don’t think of Printed Event Tickets as marketing materials. Since the ticket has already been sold by the time the customer sees it, why spend time and money developing a marketing strategy around an event ticket? At Print Innovator we can help turn Printed Event Tickets into mini marketing billboards and release their marketing potential without adding extra cost to what you are already paying for.

Well-designed Printed Event Tickets can help influence attendees to frame and proudly display their tickets on their walls at home or in the office.  Especially when the ticket can cost many of hundreds of dollars. This can spark interest for your event from friends, family and co-workers and inspire others to attend your next event.

If you put on multiple events every year, you can encourage your current event attendees to attend your upcoming events if you include a calendar on the back of your Printed Event Tickets or refer them to the website for more information.

Printed Event Tickets also give the ability to tell your story you so why not use the back of your Event Tickets to explain why you are different.

We can help you be creative and carefully consider your target audience to help you add value to your Printed Event Tickets for your attendees. They should be inspirational as well as informational.


350gsm Artboard

300gsm Laser


Gloss or Matt Lamination



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