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Advertise in a BIG way with bold, bright posters! Available in A3, A2 and A1 sizes, we’ve got plenty of paper weights and finish options to draw attention to your business, sale, event or promotion. 115gsm is a lightweight, budget option for high volume or quick-turnaround promotions Gloss stock adds vibrancy to colours and looks dynamic in a retail environment. A1 posters are ideal for big-impact window displays, ceiling suspension or wall mounting.

Below are some tips that we have learnt over the journey at Print Innovator on how to get the best out of your next printed marketing poster marketing campaign

Firstly, limit your printed marketing posters to one message and purpose. The world is full of stacks of information and visual stimulants, more than ever before. You want to get your message across in an instant so that it can stick in your prospects mind and get them to act. Make this the consistent message and throw out anything that is not on point.

Secondly, Printed Marketing posters should not only elevate your brand, but also call readers to an action that benefits your business. This normally comes in the form of leading people to buy your product or pay for your services. Therefore, lead your readers to your desired course of action after viewing your poster by including doing words such as “buy,” “go,” “visit,” and other action words.

Lastly some companies include either their websites or telephone number on the printed marketing poster since people gravitate towards visiting websites or making a phone call. Websites and social media are widely becoming used as a common call to action, thanks to smartphones that have allowed easier access to the Internet. However, if your business is a non-online type and based on customer service you are better off placing their phone numbers instead on the printed marketing posters.


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