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Greeting Cards

Printing Greeting cards can be a very clever and inexpensive part of your marketing? If not, you might be missing a golden opportunity to foster long-term customer loyalty and land immediate sales. There are many reasons to send greeting cards to market your business. Here are just a few that we thought we would share:

Send greeting cards to say Thanks – Customers appreciate companies that appreciate their business. Printed Greeting cards can be an integral part of your customer service strategy. Not only should your company’s staff be friendly and helpful, you should thank your customers for choosing your company instead of your competitors. Be sincere, and customers will remember you when it’s time to buy again. What better way than a beautifully printed and designed greeting card, with a handwritten note. It’s the best way to make a personal connection.

Greeting cards make customers feel special – Customers love companies that make them feel special and welcome. An unexpected printed greeting card does both of those things – and the more personalised your greeting cards, the greater impact they have. When your customers feel special, they’ll not only want to do business with you, they’ll also help you market your business by telling their friends and family members about you. And that kind of word-of-mouth marketing is priceless.

Greeting cards foster long-term loyalty – When you thank your customers, make personal connections and make customers feel special, they’ll not only want to do business with you – they will begin to identify your brand as part of who they are. Your company will become not a purchasing decision, but a lifestyle choice, and one they’ll engage in enthusiastically. All of this build to long-term loyalty that leads to happy customers and a lifetime of sales.

Do you send printed greeting cards to your customers?

Printed greeting cards have so many uses and are on the comeback – especially now as digital cards have flooded the cloud making printed cards much more personal.


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