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Printed Door Hangers are a very effective and inexpensive form of direct marketing for new and established businesses. There are many reasons why you should keep printed door hangers in mind as part of a total marketing plan but here are just a few

Printed door hangers are very simple to produce and distribute. They don’t need envelopes, postage, folding, binding, or any other steps to prepare them for distribution. A printed door hanger is also easy to see as it suspends from the front door of a home and the homeowner must remove it by hand. There is no possible way your printed door hanger can be overlooked.

Printed door hangers are also great for Targeted Marketing. You can’t achieve a more targeted approach than physically placing a marketing message on someone’s front door, which might be targeted to their suburb and it is printed on the door hanger. You can also track their success by adding codes to each one.

Printed Door hangers are one of the few marketing methods that give you absolute control over when your message is delivered to potential customers. If you want an offer to be seen in the middle of the month, two days before a holiday, or a week before a promotion ends, then that is when you distribute the door hangers. 

Printed Door and Bin Hangers can be used for a variety of informational and promotional purposes and as we have highlighted the can also be a great alternative to standard leaflets and door drops.


350gsm Artboard


Gloss or Matt Laminate


Die Cut to Shape


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